High potency drugs are actually food supplements that help to replenish or ensure the individual gets the required amount of multivitamins that the human body needs to function optimally and wade off diseases on a daily basis.

One reason for the usage of high potency drugs is to help achieve 100% body nutrients and vitamins for individuals who might have for one reason or the other suffered from shortage of the essential minerals and vitamins. As part of such group of persons include people who have undergone surgery, those on special diets like vegetarians and then persons who skip meals a lot or have poor eating habits.

A second reason for the using of high potency drugs is that the use of drugs with high potency components is on a steady increase of about 12 -25% annually based on medical research and as some of such drugs are known to fight against cancer cells which is a major concern of public health in recent times.

Third reason to use high potency drugs is as a pregnant care. Pregnancy comes with series of hormonal adjustments as the growing foetus requires a lot of nutrients for healthy development. This is achieved by depending on the vitamin supplies of the host which is the mother. The mother therefore needs to boost her own supply or consumption of vitamin rich foods and supplements to have enough for herself and the growing baby and not be deficient at any time.

However, based on series of clinical research it has been shown that high potency drugs are not always a necessity though but should be used based on prescription by medical practitioners and that there are natural alternatives available to getting the needed nutrients and minerals from fruit and food sources; such that if an individual take these alternative sources may not need these food supplements except when recommended by a doctor.

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