API manufacturing

API production Process


Industries who make API are those that utilizes raw materials to produce Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients by way of practice good manufacturing process.


proper guidelines and efficient test measures to ascertain the quality of the products that are expected to be used by people as medications the basic goal apart from profit making is to be able to produce products that meet personality, strength, demand and purity.

Regardless of whether or not Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients are made companies must put in mind and adhere strictly to the guidelines of API production for the safety and quality standard set by the countries to which such medication is to be used. With this in mind APIs produces in China and India and are for use in Europe must be inspected and licensed by the European Medical Agency, also in Nigeria it is inspected and approved by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

Production Quantity

Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients  are often done in large scale since they mainly in powdered form as it is done with the use of flexible automated equipments to meet with the requirements and demand for APIS an example of industry involved in API production is AstraZeneca that produce 85% of APIs.

Consistency in APIs production

Industries involved in the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients often have to keep with the consistent production and with the quality level to remain in the market so as to also meet with the requirements for the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to be used as medications in desired nations.

Further Research, Development and Products formulations

Industries involved in the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients often grow new, reputable and exclusive brand or they take a sample from and existing brand and blend with other new ingredients to get a multi-purpose ingredient to serve as medications for one or more ailment these ingredients of undergo:

  • Analysis to check compatibility with new formulation
  • Regular testing to ascertain the level of formation
  • Test to check and ensure it is not too reactive for usage.

Their combination and formulation process of quality and multipurpose Active Pharmaceutical ingredients in the research and development, combined with their abilities to practice good

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