Method Development

Benefits of PSD Method Development on Pharmaceutical Ingredients

PSD Method Development

The creation of particle size distribution is an important variable in the production of pharmaceutical industries.

PSD method development benefits the agricultural, mining, construction, and pharmaceutical industries in having insights or  knowledge on the sizes of their ingredients. These ingredients could be  powders(fine particles) or granules(large particles) manufacturers use in producing different products.

How PSD Method Development Affects Particles’ Performances

  1. Dissolution, Solubility and Stability

The development of particle size controls the dissolutions of solids and solubility of suspensions. Smooth particles do not dissolve have more stable suspensions. Stable suspensions have more repulsive forces between the particles as they approach themselves. On the other hand, unstable suspensions have attractive forces between the particles. Such particles are in aggregates.

PSD method development shed more lights on the stability, solubility and dissolution of particles and fluids. Also, it agitates and separates the physical feature of the particles into the liquid and solid forms (precipitation).

  1. Content Uniformity

PSD method development affects the behaviour of the content uniformity of pharmaceutical ingredients. It works on the formulation, processing, compression of tablets, compressibility, segregation of the particles. The content has to be uniform in preparation.

The flow of the powder,  the relationship between  particle sizes and densities depend solely on the method development. This is most useful in the preparation of tablet in doasge forms.

  1. Viscosity

Viscosity is important in the preparations of some products. It affects the sticky consistency between the solid or liquid particles of pharmaceutical ingredients. Also, it increases the flow properties and poly disperity of powders.


How PSD Development Method Affects  Appearance of Products

PSD method development does not only have positive effects on  the raw particles, but also on the finished products. It improves the  physical efficacy and texture of end-products to the taste of the customers.

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