downstream processing

Choosing A Study Field? Try Downstream Processing!

downstream processing

If you’re getting ready to pick a field of study, but haven’t quite figured out what yet, might I make a couple of suggestions? First, I’m assuming you like the idea of keeping humanity safe? Just like a super hero? Yes! You can even put that on your resume when you’re done! Now, I’m not talking about going to the comic book school of becoming a super hero, no. I’m referring to the world of Bio-mechanical Engineering, and more specifically, the practice of downstream processing. If you like the idea of taking biology itself, and making it work for humanity as a whole, then downstream processing might be fore you. This subset of bio-mechanical engineering is the process by which super cool and awesome scientists take organic matter (usually plant or animal matter, with occasional deviations) and break it down using technology that actually does sound like it’s from some sort of comic book. And then process and distill it down to some sort of final product. What that final product is depends on what they started with, and what they where trying to work with, but the end result usually involves stuff in the fields of:


1: Pharmaceuticals

2: Vaccines

3: Fragrances

4: Flavorings

5: Antibiotics

6: Hormones


So Where Do I Sing Up?


Finding schools is your own job, alas. This is not some sort of payed advert where a school tries to subtly sneak in an advertisement at the end of it all after talking up how amazing, world shatteringly cool a certain subject it (in this case downstream processing), this is just a simple attempt to garner interest in one of the cooler scientific practices in the world right now, and to get people interested. If you really are, a quick internet search will push you in the right direction for any sort of actual studies.


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