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HIGH POTENCY – high intake of these formulas and mixtures

High Potency

High potency refers to vitamins or multivitamin preparations which come in capsules, tablets or even powders and liquids.

High potency is a legal term used not just for any multivitamin but for a special kind of multivitamin which legally as approved by the FDA must provide at least 100% or more of the required dietary intake of vitamins for one day in one dose.

The term High potency thus has legal implication and cannot be used loosely or just as any term. Many of these formulas and mixtures exist and are tailored for particular use with reference to age, sex , race and even dietary requirements.  People who fall into the class of those who could make use of these supplements include people with

  • Poor nutritional status which might be due to illness or some other debilitating condition
  • Pregnant women who are having issues retaining nutrients in their system and do not seem to have enough nutrient for themselves and their fetus.
  • Immunocompromised people which means in layman’s terms people who have low immunity either due to sickness, exhaustion or over exertion of their bodies.

For these classes of people we do recommend a high intake of these formulas and mixtures

In as much as we encourage the use of these substances for these class of people caution is never to be toyed with and it is important that people do not get dependent on these supplements instead of taking an adequate and well balanced meal.

Supplements can be good and enhance health and longevity but at no point in time can they be taken as substitutes for a healthy diet neither will they take the place of curative or preventive chemotherapy for those who have come down with one particular illness or the other. Proceeding with caution is certainly a thoughtful way to approach this issue.   

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