High Potency medication: Maintaining an A+ antenatal status

High Potency

Pregnancy comes with mixed feelings and several implications for both the mum and the soon to be father. But of grave importance is the health of the expectant mother and unborn baby; and having the right medication as well as proper medical attention has a lot to do with the health status of both the expectant mum and baby hence the use of High potency drugs based on recommendation can help ensure both mother and baby get the right amount of nutrients required for proper development of the baby’s tissues in the womb up till final delivery at 38 – 40 weeks.

An expectant mother goes through different phases of hormonal changes and imbalance; the foetus within usurps a good portion of the existing vitamins and minerals present in the mother’s body making it more critical for the mother to have an adequate dosage of high potency medication as recommended by a medical personnel always in order to keep both mother and baby at A+ status health-wise both at prenatal and post-natal stage.

High potency medications can guarantee the both mother and foetus get the right amount of vitamins and mineral required all through the period. These drugs usually serves as supplements and contain components needed for the repairs of warn out tissues. It helps to fight off illnesses and poor dietary situations in mother and child.

Because of the physiological and psychosocial changes experienced at pregnancy some women are known to suffer from depression leading to abuse of drugs and substances as some anti-depressants only further lead to addiction. These individual usually take anti-depressants as a way to get temporal relief from the negative feelings. It is as a result of this that medications including the high potency dugs should be taken based on prescription; especially so for pregnant women. This is to avoid complications or situations that could either lead to any form of deformity, permanent damage or life threatening situations to the unborn child.


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