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High Potency or No Potency? Vitamins In America Have No Guidelines.

High Potency

The world of herbal remedies often comes under fire for being “hippie medicine” and ineffective as opposed to the high potency of traditional medicine, drugs and pharmacology.

But more and more studies are showing that plenty of the so called “useless” vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements have a wide range of usages and are high potency as well. However it turns out that there is no legal guidelines to find out if the supplements you are buying are actually useful at all in any way. Not due to if supplements work or not, but due to the fact that there is no guidelines (at least in America) by the Food and Drug Administration as to what is allowed to be put inside of herbal supplement packages.


Lawless Grocery Stores


It turns out that as long as you can prove something isn’t high potency poison, it doesn’t matter if it’s high potency Saint Johns Wort or just filler powder. Independent studies conducted at several health and grocery chains around the country have found that the contents of the advertised supplements almost never lined up with the amount advertised. For example some high potency Echinecea might have next to none of the actual flower inside of it, while bottles of Saint Johns Wort advertised in low volumes might actually have multiple times more of the herb then advertised. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate any of these things, few if any of the companies that sell them seem to care at all about what they put inside of them. So what can you do to make sure what you’re buying is real?


1: Find these studies online and compare results

2: Ask in forums for more up to date results

3: Find a nutritionist who might be able to help

4: Ask your doctor next time you see them about brands that they trust.

So think twice next time you’re shopping, and be careful!


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