High Potency Vitamins D-3 Linked With Possible Cancer Prevention And Treatment

High Potency

Cancer Is A Global Health Challenge

Cancer is one word that sends shivers down the spine of virtually everyone and getting a cancer
diagnosis can be a devastating news to receive. This pandemic has reached unprecedented
heights in recent times and has been linked with the drastic changes in lifestyle and eating habits
with more and more people regularly consuming processed and refined foods, as well as
adopting a predominantly docile and mainly sedentary lifestyle.

There has been a steady rise in the cases of cancer on a global scale and researchers are
constantly looking for alternative remedies to chemotherapy and other conventional treatments in
order to solve the problem of the obvious health complications from chemotherapy treatment.
One study that has got researchers really fascinated involves the consumption of high potency
It is believed that having the right levels of high potency vitamin D-3 in the blood serum can
help to reduce the risk of the development of certain types of cancers, such as; breast cancer,
colon and prostate cancer. Studies on animals and laboratory tests have shown that high potency
vitamin D-3 taken in the right amount of reference daily intake (RDI) may have a strong impact
on cancer cells and lower the risk of certain cancers in people.

Promising Results But Further Research Still Needed

While there is still need for ongoing research into the health benefits of high potency c-
3, as a viable remedy for fighting cancer in humans, there are positive signs from
epidemiological, laboratory and animal studies on the effect of high dosages of vitamin D-3 on
the level of blood serum in the body and in combating cancer which has been quite promising, as
it can completely revolutionise the way certain cancers are treated in the future.

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