Importance of chromatography, know it here

Laboratory techniques

Chromatography is important as it is versatile and even small quantities of any material are possible to be separated without any trouble. They are accurate and fast, with perfectly maintained hardware. Chromatography is the common technique and requires few micrograms of material to keep working.


Why it is used


Chromatography is mainly employed to separate different mixtures. It is also useful to prepare materials by purifying or analyzing them. Many terms may be used in the chromatography process and an analyte is the term used when some material is required to be separated in this process. A chromatogram presents a visual representation where eluent is the solvent of the output, and the analyte is stored in.


Paper chromatography working


  • A test sample is plotted on a paper piece and is kept in a liquid such that it mobilizes separately its components and inspected to assess the final position of the components.
  • Based on the liquid type used, the paper chromatography underlying mechanism may involve the test for dissolving in a thin layer of water or in the solvent bound to the cellulose fibers.


The paper chromatography basics are simple, and are immensely useful in the science class for the elementary school students. The technique is strong enough even to be used in criminal investigations. Owing to its ability of separating substances from mixtures, even in trace amounts, paper chromatography is employed by the forensic investigators to detect narcotics minute levels, over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs in urine and blood samples. It is also used to identify the inks used in forgeries, ransom notes and even to counterfeit currency.
This technique is really versatile and poses no difficulties. The paper chromatography analysis is done only after visually inspecting the paper. it is difficult if colorless samples are used for testing.

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