plant extraction

Plant Extraction: An Overview of the Whole Process

Plant Extraction

The plant extraction attained from the extraction of solid liquids.

This is a process that can be defined as the seperation of various compounds by solubilization from a solid body with an agent called solvent. This process is later finished with the purification method. If the solvent in the extract is edible, it is not dissociated. However, if the solvent in the extract is an inedible solvent, through the separation process a dry extract is obtained.

Quality Criteria


  • The main factors are the selection of raw materials, the performance of equipment, choice of solvents, and the utilization process.
  • Multiple quality parameters that are combined properly and professionally can only obtain the high quality plant extraction.


Plant Integrity Conservation

What the methods of plant extraction result in is improved plant integrity conservation. This happens due to the fact that with the help of new plant properties discovery, administration methods become multiplied. That later on meets all of the customer’s demands. Because of that, new and high quality technological equipment is introduced so quality extracts could be provided together with a personalized solution that is offered for you to meet with your expectations. That kind of conservation becomes an essential conservation.

Plant Extracts Details

We refer to the plant extracts when we want to talk about the simple powders that have been made from the crushed and processed plants. These same powders that were made from the crushed plants are being sold on the market under the name “extracts.” They are being sold under that particular name because water is not that much used in their making. Moreover, water used in this process is eliminated with the help of the drying process from the plants. There is not even 1% water contained in any extract.

Before separation method is utilized, one other process takes place. What is the name of that process? The process that is being utilized every time before the separation method is utilized is known under the name extraction. Moreover, it is also known as plant extraction. This process is achieved with the help of common raw plant materials. These processes produce liquid from the primary solid form. When it comes to purification process, a solubilization step is added to it. If the desired ingredients have to be extracted from a liquid origin, pressing has to be performed to achieve that. The desired extract from the liquid form is extracted with the help of solid-liquid extraction process. Later on, this process is being followed by the process of purification. Extraction has to be performed so chemical components could be extracted and so they could later be used for separation and other processes.

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