Plant Extraction

Plant Extraction: Essential Oils and Absolute Perfumes

Plant Extraction

Active ingredients and essential oils from plants that are extracted with the help of plant extraction are most commonly extracted by the help of a procedure called steam distillation. Steam distillation is a highly popular method of extracting essential oils from various plants. What is removed from the aromatic plants by using steam distillation are the numerous aromatic compounds. The aromatic compounds can also be extracted by using numerous other extraction methods.

Essential Oils Extraction


  • One of the main purposes of plant extraction is the extraction of essential oils. Essential oils by the aromatic cells in the aromatic plants. Every plant that is aromatic contains specialized cells which produce essential oils.
  • The aromatic plants we wish to extract essential oils and active ingredients from releases its compounds whether they are essential oils or active ingredients. With the help of steam distillation, concentrated oil is collected. Moreover, concentrated aromatic oil can also be collected with the help of water distillation.
  • This greatly helps in the separation of components. That separation of the components depends on the volatile constituent’s differences. Steam distillation is performed when steam bubble is added through the aromatic plant material. The temperature of the steam distillation process should always be controlled, especially when it comes to the extraction of heat-sensitive essential oils.
  • With the help of dry distillation and vacuuming, pure essential oils are being extracted. The cold-pressed method can also be used to extract pure essential oils.


Solvent Extraction

Highly aromatic compounds and aromatic materials are obtained with the help of a process called plant extraction. Solvent called hexane is added so this multi-step process could be achieved. When solvent hexane is removed from the process of plant extraction, what is left over is a waxy substance. This waxy substance can either be in a solid or a semi-solid form. It has a beautiful and highly aromatic smell. What it contains are various pigments and waxes. It contains them in big amounts. From that same waxy substance a special kind of perfumes is made. We call those perfumes solid perfumes. These perfumes are unique when it comes to their longevity on the skin. What makes solid perfumes unique is that they last the most on the skin, even more that absolute perfumes. This kind of perfumes is soluble in alcohol and on oils. When a solid perfume is put in alcohol, it quickly turns into liquid perfume.

Speaking of perfume absolutes, we can define them as a highly concentrated perfume. This kind of perfume contains almost no alcohol. So that a perfume absolute perfume could be made, plant extraction has to undergo several phases. That is why perfume absolutes are pretty expensive.


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