Top API Production Companies Across The World


One of the greatest API production companies in the world is the Aurobindo, also the company is on the

list of those few pharmaceutical businesses that integrated vertically with a manifestation in API and

Formulations segments. Therefore that makes the company truly formidable, and a fully integrated

international pharmaceutical company maintains effective leadership and competitiveness in different

therapeutic domains. Therefore the Aurobindo's API production business has ensured profitability and

growth of the entire company as well as being a top API supplier globally.

Expansion and Manufacturing

The whole API production industry is highly supported by the technologically advanced API research and

development infrastructure which is in charge of delivering new products as well as delivering them to the

market. The API division study is held in on a sprawling 15-acre campus which has a built in a area of

over six hundred thousand square feet. The entire area houses chemical and analytical research along with

a kilo lab. The research team which holds over 200 APIs commercializing experience, is fully attuned to

the growth and aspiration of the company. Also, the entire team is always focused and maintains the

environment safety. However, in their full manufacturing facilities, five of them has been inspected and

approved by the US FDA, UK MHRA, TGA Australia, ANVISA plus other reputed regulatory agencies.

Research and development.

Aurobindo, being one of the API production firms has very robust study and development strengths. The

research is mostly based on developing intellectual property in the field of both non-infringing processes

and resolving complex chemistry challenges. In that process, it also introduces new strategies such as

new drug delivery systems, new dosage formulations also applying new technology to improved

processes. In the research center, they ensure they meet all the cGLP requirements, thereby providing a

nurturing environment to a multi-disciplinary team of more than 700 scientists motivated for excellence.

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