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In the past, men prefer a rough looking to show their manliness and experience

while women prefer a healthy natural looking to stay young and to show their position in social rank. Throughout years, things has slightly changed on their habits of health care.


Plant extraction products change the healthcare of human


With the world’s development, human cares more on how they look to stay attractive at all time, even when they sleep.There is reasons for this, because with a healthy looking – it expresses their characteristics, knowing how to take care of themselves; it creates trust when they give advices to others; and on the top, it helps them succeed easier.

For example, a model, an actor or an actress – their scale of success depends on first how they look, then how they act and work. In the 20th century, fashion industry promoted skinny model that affected on young people, they tried to diet and stayed as thin as possible, such that they didn’t care about their health. Then with the speed of development in plant extraction, more healthy food supplements, healthy skin care products are available on the market, which helps people reach out to these products easily and improves their awareness of staying healthy. And somehow Plant extraction products help to stop the promotion of being skinny among young people, they prefer a body looks more muscle and firm, and they care more about their skin condition.


Men and Women in using plant extraction products


Nowadays, men is asking for more recognition about their smooth and soft looking, many still prefer a rough and strong looking (by doing exercises and work-out), and others like to use a lot of food supplements, skin care products to have a different beauty, they want to look white, soft and clean on the skin combines with a strong body. However, men still hasn’t paid attention to plant extraction products (especially organic/bio products). They ease to choose common product on the market.

While women requires a higher level of choosing health care and skin care products. In the past, history recorded many traditional methods to treat women’s beauty from natural materials like in the Egypts, China, and many others minorities, and some of these methods are still being used worldwide, such as:

  • Natural facial products
  • Body scrubbing with natural materials
  • Healthy eating/cooking from traditional herbs and plants found in the forests

However, women in the 21st century is kept being busy with multitask, so they cannot spend time on making their own plant extraction products. Therefore, they trust in science research products, or if they are told of a healthy product which is easy to buy and to use, they would love to try immediately (which is different with men).

In brief, both men and women are looking for more healthy products which help to save time, easy to use and to carry with.

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