Plant Extraction

Men and women are different on how they look, but it doesn’t mean they are different in using plant extraction products. .

It depends on their needs and purposes. Plant extraction products can be drink, eat, or apply directly onto skin.


Men on use of Plant extraction products


Men has different purpose on using the plan extraction products, they use more on food supplements, dietary supplements, plan extraction – pressing and drying products, such as:

  • Dried fruits, seeds
  • Pressing juices
  • Nut and bean products

Men needs more calories to burn because they prefer to do more exercises to build muscle, so they don’t draw their attention to beauty plant extraction products.

However, they still use beauty products, just in smaller amount than women. They prefer deep clean product and moisturized cream to have smooth looking skin.


Women on use of plant extraction products


For centuries, women always care about their look, not only facial but also body. They have been using natural products from goat milks to roots, from herbs to tree leaves, from mud to clay. They usually applied directly onto their skin or added some other powder to obtain a thick layer before applying onto skin. History is noted that many traditional methods are still used to treat women’s beauty like in the Egypts, China, and many others minorities.

Women in the 21st century is kept being busy with multitask, so they cannot spend time on making their own plant extraction products. And women uses more different plant extraction products, from food to dietary supplements, from healthy dried seed/nuts/fruits to beauty plant extraction products. They vary their use on all kind of plant extraction products, therefore they pay more attention on choosing the high quality products and also prefer to produce simple plant extraction products to use, such as beans’ milk, pressing juice.  

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